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Defence Vs Offence

Superbowl (1)
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Defence Vs Offence

It’s SuperBowl Sunday! When offensive lines try to break through the defensive opposition.

Defensive coaches of both Tampa Bay & Kanas spend a lot of time making sure they can defend and rebuff the attack of the opposition.

We can apply this process to the workplace IT:

How secure and proactive is your company IT systems?

Think you are safe with just Anti virus ?

Anti virus on its own was ok back in the late 90s, but things change. Like in the last 12 months with Covid-19 making businesses shift how they work and what technology they use.

The risks to businesses have changed too and this also needs to be managed. It’s not just about software, or hardware; it needs to include updating process and policy.

18iT is well placed to draw upon knowledge working with a focus of creating a system and process to protect you, your business and your clients’ data.

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