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IT Services Made Simple

We provide a compressive range of IT services that span across the IT sector. From hardware and software, to Cyber Security and IT process, to IT Management and policies. We have you covered.

Our flexible approach and extensive IT service offering allows us to support you and your business no matter what size you are, or where you are located.

IT Support

IT is now the lifeline to every business to enable it to function. 18iT can provide IT support to your business to keep you up and running. We recognise that every company has different needs, so we have different options available to provide support. Contact us to find out more information.
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Managed IT Strategy

18iT believes that being proactive helps to reduce regular and reactive IT support needs. A managed IT strategy helps you to understand the working functions of IT within your business, taking a holistic approach and applying strategies to create a fully functional IT system which enables growth and expansion of your company. Contact us to find out more information.
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Hardware & Software

18iT is able to supply you with the hardware and software needed to meet your specific requirements. This includes Microsoft 365 licences which you can obtain directly with us, we can even source your IT hardware and have it delivered to a location of your choice, we can even ship internationally.
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Want to find out how we can take the stress away from your IT?

Concerned about cyber security for your business but not sure where to start?

Cyber threats are an ever-changing risk that all businesses face. These threats are changing on a regular basis and you need a proactive approach to deal and manage them. 18iT has a range of cyber security solutions that we can tailor to your needs.

We keep a finger on the pulse to ensure your business data is kept as safe as possible


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