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Managed IT Strategy

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18iT provides much more than just IT Support. Let us provide the strategic IT support your business needs.

Drawing on our experience of working as IT Managers for various companies in different sectors we are able to support your business in all aspects of IT. This includes:

  • IT Project Management
  • IT Manager
  • IT Director

Having an IT strategy allows you to plan ahead, budget your IT costs and understand your requirements based on the business needs. Issues always seem to crop up at the most inappropriate moment and often out of the blue. This causes stress and additional workload when you want to focus your efforts on the task at hand – your business.  When you have a strategy in place you start to move away from a reactive setup, where issues and problems hamper your business, to a proactive setup, reducing the number of blocking points.

Some of the Ways we can Help your Business

Budgets are important and form a key part of your business and IT is no different. Do you know what your IT costs you to run? Or how much your IT costs you when you increase your staff headcount? 18iT has several solutions that helps you understand these costs and keep them in check. We can work with the Business Owner, Accountants and Finance Directors to map out Capital Budgets and Operational budgets. When we look with you to bring in new software or hardware, we also capture the costs for you. This could be training, maintenance or subscriptions, which can often be missed or overlooked. Illustrating the added value that we can bring.
Project Management
We work with the business to understand what is needed, talking with all relevant parties to ensure that we have the information needed to craft the solution that it needs. We scope out the project providing feedback and holding meetings with stakeholders as needed. We share the roadmap and where the key milestones are. We then look at suppliers and manage them on your behalf, or we can work with your existing suppliers or procurement teams. We have a flexible approach here. If your IT Support is managed by another company, we will talk openly with them to find out what they need to support this. Making sure everyone is up to speed and aware of what is happening and when – a seamless approach
Risk Management
This can be a complex aspect for any business. 18iT can help with the Risk Management for IT and the systems you use within your business. Also ensuring that the risk around cyber threats is known and managed as best as possible. You may have a risk compliance manager to work with or a contractual obligation that is mandatory for you to fulfil. Some of the areas, but by no means an exhaustive list, that we support to understand risk are: Asset and Software Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, and Backups
Training is often a last thought, sometimes it is not even included or thought about at all. You invest time, effort and money into a solution, yet do not train people properly in order to get the best from the solution. 18iT looks where possible to get the training included from the supplier. Failing that other training options can be considered if suitable.
Accreditations and Compliance
Your business may have industry accreditations or pre-set compliance that it must be demonstrated and adhered to. Evidence may be required or requested to meet these standards. 18it have solutions to automatically demonstrate and show evidence of compliance. This includes: UK GDPR, EU GDPR, ICO, Cyber Essentials / Essentials+, ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS and COBIT.
Supplier Management
18iT has experience of working within IT Management in larger organisations, where we have had to find and manage suppliers. We bring this level of understanding to all our clients, no matter what size they are. Managing your suppliers is key, as costs and budgets need to be maintained, as well as knowing where to go to obtain the correct products. Support and managing faults and returns is also important here.

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