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Does your Business need IT Software or Hardware?

All businesses will need hardware and software to operate. 18iT can provide you with a flexible approach for all your needs, no matter what stage your business is at.

Managing your hardware and software is important. We will scope your requirements based on business needs to ensure your hardware and software aligns correctly. In terms of cost and most importantly fit for purpose; making sure your devices are correctly specified. meet the correct specification.

The software used is just as important. You need enough licences to cover your business, only paying for the software you use, this is where 18iT can add further value.  We manage your software assets to align with budgets and risk, in terms of patching vulnerabilities and understanding any exposure to the business through software; managing how software is installed.

Available Hardware and Software Products

Microsoft 365
As a Microsoft partner we are able to provide to you licences for Microsoft 365 (M365). We have a range of subscription-based licenses depending on your need. We also take your issues or questions around M365 to Microsoft on your behalf, we have direct contact with them, which frees up your time and allow us to talk tech to the tech people.
Laptops and Computers
Working with you we can understand what specification devices you actually need to enable your staff to complete their tasks. We have a tried and test method for achieving this. It can be Apple, Windows, Android.
Wifi and Networking
We can support your business is all areas of networking. We have partners who can complete cabling, we have the ability to setup and maintain network hardware and securing your network. If you have Wi-Fi it needs to be secure, stable, reliable and enable staff to work. We have installed a number of solutions into offices and home offices. We have a range of vendors we can explore suitable options with. It’s all based on need and requirements.
Cyber Security Management
The risk and threats facing us is always changing and presents a real and present danger. It’s important that you under your risk and what can be done to mitigate this as much as possible.
We have several secure solutions to help give you a reliable backup of what is important or critical to you. So should the worst happen, at least you have a option to turn too to complete a restore. You also know what you can restore and know that it has been tried and tested.
Bespoke Work
You may have a need that is not listed. 18iT can work with you on these ad-hoc requests as well. Turning them into projects, talking with you to capture the needs and creating a solution that is tailored. Nothing is too big, or too small.

Are you not sure what your Business Needs?

IT support isn’t just about supplying you with a new piece of kit or software. We want to ensure we find the ideal solutions that suit your business. Email us today on or call us on 0117 325 8418

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