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Cyber Attacks and 18iT Defends

I need help to keep my Business Cyber Secure

Businesses in all sectors and of all sizes need to be aware of the cyber threats their business faces. Some are going to be sector specific, some will be targeted directly.

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You may even be a target of a cyber attack as part of the supply chain for a client or supplier.

These cyber security risks are constantly changing and businesses will struggle without the correct automated solutions and where needed manual processes and cyber attack responses in place. We take a holistic approach here managing the risk and focus on the benefits to you.

Having visibility on what is happening within your business is so critical here. Being able to spot issues and potential threats in a proactive way enables the business and empowers staff. The upshot here is staff are more productive as they are not hindered by IT.

Hot topics here include, Ransomware, Phishing attacks, malware, Social engineering, Patch Management, Hardware & Software Asset Management.

Solutions to Support the Cyber Security of Your Business


Cyber Threat Prevention on PCs and Networks

Stop the threats from getting onto your computers:

  • Stop threats at the Perimeter-level with our Network Prevention, Detection, and Response tool and experience complete HTTP, HTTPS and DNS protection.

Get visibility on what is happening on your network:

  • Spot even hidden threats using AI and log your network traffic.

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Privileged Access Management

Better manage user accounts on your computers:

  • Manage user permissions easily, handle all requests and strengthen your endpoint security with truly innovative access governance

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Application Control

Enabling access control to which applications can be installed and run on your computers:

  • Revolutionary application control tool. App whitelisting and blacklisting made simple. One-click app control toolbox. User-Friendly. Integrated

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Patch Management

Strengthen the security of your systems:

  • Patch management solution for Windows and 3rd party software. Get a grip on your vulnerability and patch management and strengthen your security.

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Email Fraud Prevention & Email Security

Prevention that covers – Ransomware, email malware, phishing and spear emails, malicious emails, imposter threats (modified invoices), Spoofing emails:

  • The revolutionary communications protection system which alerts you to fraud attempts, business email compromise (BEC) and impersonation. No more doubt, no more dangerous emails

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