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Do You Lock your Computer When you Leave it?

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Do You Lock your Computer When you Leave it?

During the day, events happen where we need to get up and move away from our computers.

This is a good thing, but as we step away, we need to ensure that the device is secure.

A few examples of this are,

  • When you go to make your coffee or cup of tea do you lock your computer before you leave it?
  • If you are working from home and the doorbell goes, do you lock your computer before you leave it?
  • Is your screen visible to others? (by a window, a door, or in a communal area)

Many people don’t, and leave the computer unlocked with business or sensitive data on the screen where it can be visible to others. In short, whatever you have access to is now open to whomever wants access.

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We all like to think that the next person “is not like that” and I can trust all my family and colleagues. Why risk the headache and awkward conversations by preventing it from being an opportunity in the first place?

Prevention is better than cure as they say.

No matter where you are, using a hot desk, in an open plan office, or even working from home, you need to lock your device before you leave, to maintain a safe and secure system.

How do I do that?


Press the windows icon button and “L” on the keyboard

Or you can press Control + Alt and delete at the same time and then select “lock” from the options that pops up


 Press Command+Control+Q. This will lock your Mac and return you to the Login screen. For older versions of the operating system, press Control+Shift+Power button (or Control+Shift+Eject if your Mac has an optical drive)

Just a quick tip for smarter, safer working.

At the end of the day most of this deemed common sense.

But sometimes we forgot these points as well lets face it things are busy and the ways of working have changed.

To recap lock your device when you leave it, even if it’s just a moment.

Let’s work smarter not harder.