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IT Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only a small business, I don’t need to think or worry about cyber threats, who going to attack me?
Cyber attackers are not looking for just big companies. They target a range of companies in different sectors and different sizes. They are looking at supply chains and finding “weak link” and see what they can access. They are not just after money or financial details. They can sell on all sorts of data and information, from email addresses to user names and passwords. It’s so important that even the smallest of businesses follows best practise and secures their systems as much as possible. We also need to show ICO that we have taken reasonable steps to protect data. Failing to do this can result in fines. 18iT is here to help support your business and get it as secure as possible whilst working with your budget. Get in touch today and we can start the process and get you secure.
I have Anti-virus software. Am I protected from ransomware and phishing attacks?
No, is the short answer. Anti-virus is a very basic level of protection. It scans for any viruses and malware that it knows about (whenever it was last updated) this is a reactive approach which was fine back in the late ’90s and early 2000’s But the cyber threats have evolved so much we need to have proactive solutions that add extra layers of protection. Have a look at our cyber pages for details, or email us at to start the conversation so we can get you as safe and secure as possible. These solutions are subscription-based and costs often start from as little as £3 to £5 per user per month.
Should I let staff use their own devices?
This is called BYOD (Bring your own device) it has good and bad points to this and it requires a lot of careful consideration around the persons role, what data they access and how they work. A lot of security experts cross this off the list to start with as there is no way to know where or what the devices had connected too. It could have all sorts of malware and viruses on it, It might not have any protection on it. Are you really wanting to connect this to your network and possibly infect all your other devices and data? That being said it might be ok in a standalone environment where it does not connect directly to your data or systems. For me it’s a great point to have a discussion and understand what you are trying to do here.
I think I have a Phising/supicious email what do I need to do?
Don’t panic. We are here to help. Don’t click on anything in the email and don’t delete it. Just leave it as it is for now and email us directly at This will log a ticket with our service desk who will pick things up and work with you to understand what is happening and what has happened. We will get you back on track
Do I need antivirus software for my Mac?
This is not the case now. All devices that connect to the internet or have storage devices connect to them (like USB drives) will require at a minimum anti-virus software installed and updated regularly to provide a basic level of protection. Anti-virus is basic as it can only report on viruses and malware it knows about, which is why it needs to constantly be updated. Even Mac devices need to be protected. Get in touch today and we can start the process and get you secure.
Can you fix my email issues?
In short yes. We have solved a number of email related issues for clients. They range from I’m not getting any emails, to my clients are not getting any of my emails, to issues with forwarding of emails, how accounts have been setup and configured before. Basically if you have an issue we can work on it to get it working for you again. Just email us so we can get the ball rolling here.
Is running a manual backup to a USB stick or drive a good idea?
Don’t panic. We are here to help. Don’t click on anything in the email and don’t delete it. Just leave it as it is for now and email us directly at This will log a ticket with our service desk who will pick things up and work with you to understand what is happening and what has happened. We will get you back on track.
I need to encrypt my hard drive can you help?
Yes we sure can help you here. We always like to find out why something needs to be done. So we will ask why you are now needing your hard drive encrypted. We help many organisations and businesses complete security accreditations like Cyber Essentials and ISO compliance, so we can make recommendations that will support and aid this bigger picture. Using Windows PC? We need to check the version of Windows you have. If you have Window 10 Pro then you are good to go and can encrypt the hard drive. If you have windows 10 Home it is slightly more complicated and it's best we talk to plan the steps. Using an Apple device? We can help with this too. Our team of engineers support both Mac and Windows devices. Email so we can book you in to get this sorted.
I use free software, do I need to be concerned?
It depends, on what is being stored in the software, if it’s online / cloud-based or is it installed locally on your computers or server. Free software raises several concerns about who has access to the information you are storing in there. There will be some points around GDPR and data protection that will need to be checked. We also need to understand how critical this software/solution to your business is. If it’s critical then we need to manage the impact it will have if they go out of business, or if we have a technical issue with the software/solution. – how do we manage or resolve those? It’s good for us to have a free chat to understand what your needs are and then we can ensure you are working safely and securely.
Are PC or Apple devices better?
We don’t look at technology from this point of view. We are driven by requirements. Some clients have needs or requirements to use Apple devices over PC and android. We find the right solutions following a scoping out exercise with you. We do this for all our engagements, It is part of our core values to deliver what you need, rather than being driven by the technology.
I’m paying for my IT, but have no idea what is covered, or when it needs to renew
We can complete an audit / review of what you have, when it’s being paid and help present to you exactly what your IT is costing you. Then if you need our help we can support you on the next step, whatever that is, looking at cost reductions, changing IT companies, etc. Get in touch with us now so we can book in a discovery call and plan the audit.
M365 / Google Workspace (G-Suite) is automatically backed up as it's already in the cloud right?
That’s not correct. If you check all the supporting documentation you there is nowhere listed on there about backup being included or part of these cloud services. They both recommend finding a 3rd party solution to manage this. 18iT has a few options with prices starting from £10 per user per month. Which includes the costs of any restores you may need. Talk with us today and let us get you covered and give you peace of mind that your important data is safe and secure.
I've got M365 home version can you help me to add my new member of staff?
When you start to take on staff or even your first employee the business is in a state of change, which is exciting and a good place to be. We can talk and listen to find out how you are growing and what is best for the business. In most cases it is time to move on to the M365 business platform and move away from the home and student versions as they can limit what you can do. We prefer to be driven by your needs and requirements rather than the product. Get in touch today so we can plan the next step with you.
Why do I need to backup M365? It's on the cloud and backed up by Microsoft right?
This is actually a common misconception. There is no backup done automatically. M365 is a cloud based solution that still requires a backup to be taken, just like we used to have on our servers in the office. 18iT has a number of solutions to solve this for you from as little as £10 per month per user. This flat cost includes any restored that are needed as well. Email us now to discuss further on

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