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Great IT

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You want good IT

Here we are doing IT Differently with a cuppa tea and some Rock n Roll

What would you say if we can enable you to have

Diversity that makes the team work

Who do we help?

We take an inclusive approach to work.

Each client has their own needs and we tailor options to align.

We involve you as little or as much as you require.

Who do we work with?

We work in many different ways, but our most common are,

  • Directly with the client
  • Alongside the MSP / IT Support Company


Listen now

We have three podcast series.

Vendor Blender

We talk with vendors about how they solved a challenge for a client.

Business Insights

We talk with business leaders and people with something interesting to say.


Where we talk to listeners on various talking points


Paul has also been invited onto several podcasts to share his knowledge and insights with his peers

Get to know us

We enjoy listening to what you do, and how you go about it.

Maybe you know you need help but are unsure where to start.

Fear not, we are here to help and support you each step of the way. Make an appointment below and let's get this started

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Training & Seminars

Paul feels that communication and education are key when it comes to technical and complex topics like IT and Cyber.

Paul likes to wrap his topic into easy-to-follow stories that people can relate to.

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Compliance Frameworks

  • ISO 27001, 9001
  • Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus
  • NIST
  • Due diligence questionnaires
  • Supply chain checks

Working alongside familiar names

We have appeared in some interesting places over the years, helping educate people and businesses in what is needed for them to have great and secure IT

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Tel: +44 117 313 3134