Our Focus

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. - Oscar Wilde


The communities below allows us to all to help each other.

To do more with less.
To solve each others challenges, 
 Avoid making the same mistakes made by others.


Together we can do more, find out how communities can help you.

Drop Paul a message using the “Talk with Paul” button at the top. 

Connecting with Tech Leaders

Our Community Network

CompTIA Communities

CompTIA has a number of global communities which are based in various regions. The aim here to to spread the support across boarder, but to carry local messages that hit the spot with each region. Not a member? No problem message now and we can get you onboard with the right people

The Tech Tribe

The Tech Tribe is a global community of MPS which is based around it's web site and forums. Offering way more then I can type in here - Discounts on products, insights into problems and challenges, Templates you update and use, Peer forums, and in person Member Meet-ups. Interested, reach out and we will put you in touch with the right people

National Cyber Resilience Centre Group

A Police led, government backed collective for all businesses to join for free in the UK. NCRC have split the UK in regions and it's regional group provide great insights into the world of cyber for all businesses. Having trouble in getting the basics in place. check out the great work done with here with free core members and webinars. If you want help here let us know and we can make the introduction

Why join an IT Community?

When we combine forces and use the powers of those around us great things happen.
Above are several different communities you can join.
Not sure where to start or which is the best one(s) for you?
Reach out to us using the button below here.